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This section introduces a description and prices of our services.

The visiting outcall massage service (when mobile masseuse visiting you at your home or hotel) is available every day from 9 am to 12 PM and covers central İstanbul hotels, private residences . If for some reason, outcall service is not convenient for you, please call our office to arrange in-call appointment with one of our stunning therapists

Outcall Massage

Convenient visiting mobile service concept available in İstanbul Asia and Europe side.
Covers Europe and Asia side ..rates includes travel cost ,except far areas where longer minimum service required.
We respect our client's confidentiality and comfort. For this reason the masseuse will come directly to your hotel room or residence with in Istanbul.
Please be advised, for your own confidentiality and to  keep it simple and discrete  we only accept cash payments, please make sure you have a sufficient amount with you when masseuse arrives, payment should be in cash before start of service.

In Call Massage
İf Asian outcall massage service is not suitable for you and its more convenient to visit our temple , our team will organized an in call appointment for you  and will adjust the service by your personal preference for your convenience. Available in our Tantra Temple , İstanbul Asia and Europe side. Available for our regular clients or visitor of İstanbul . Additional in call fee of 50 USD to the package.

Tantra Classic Massage

 90  MİNUTES  350 USD 
120  MİNUTES  450 USD

Sensual Massage Service – Erotic Tantric Relaxation Therapy

Service includes , professional massage then ,Body to body sensual erotic massage, performed with the naked body of masseuse, Nude masseuse with her gracious naked body will be sliding all over your oily body, firmly pushing her breasts against your nude body leading you to amusing sensual excitement.

Furthermore, this service also includes happy ending massage. It is named happy ending massage for metaphorical comparison to Lingam (male sexual organ) massage,  named this way for the reason as it leads to the orgasm and is a final stage of a massage.  After you reach a peak of your erotic arose, masseuse will perform the act of happy ending-hand release.

We often hear a feedback from our clientele, referring tantric massage to an amusing pleasure, much better than sexual intercourse. For your intention, happy ending refers solely to hand release and do not include oral or penetrative sex.

Lingam massage – a sexy happy ending massage with no disappointment

The terminating moment of your erotic massage session is Lingam massage. Lingam is a Sanskrit term for a male sex organ, and the science of Tantra is based on a variety of techniques increasing the pleasure of an orgasm, making the feeling much more intense and gratifying. The core of Tantra is to prolong the erection, preventing release for a longer period of time. This is achieved by specific techniques of sensual touches, which allows gathering all inner sexual energy and directing it to the point when necessary so the process of ejaculation turns into an extremely intense feeling.

Lingam massage is the culminating point of your erotic massage session. Even though masseuse performs it with her hands, lingam massage is not a simple hand job. In other words, it is a skilful technique of a range of sensual touches of accumulating sexual energy and directing it to the point to prolong and maximize the intensity of the erection. Magnified and boosted, sexual energy is than targeted to perform the act of ejaculation, leading to an intense, breath taking feeling of ultimate pleasure, euphoria, peaceful serenity and expansion beyond ordinary boundaries of the reality.
As our customers often use to say, it is not only sexual satisfaction, it is so much more than that!

Internal prostate gland massage – the sacred spot of a man

For those who want to explore deeper sense of sacred secrets of Tantra  , there is an optional prostate massage, performed as an addition to the erotic massage. Prostate massage is linked to lingam massage and designed to take pleasure to the next level, sharpening the feeling of sexual arose by skilfully stimulating prostate gland. The art of Tantra believes that specific massage of prostate gland dramatically increases the intensity of pleasure of the ejaculation process. Moreover, it has been scientifically proven that prostate massage is a vital inherent in the healthy functioning of the prostate gland, therefore this type of massage is both, therapeutically and erotically rewarding.

Lingam massage with release is a part of every session with no additional cost. Prostate massage
Internal massage of your prostate gland – believed to increase the pleasure dramatically! (External prostate massage is included in the session for no extra cost.

Tantric Classic Plus - Caress your masseuse with Bath Therapy

450 USD  for  90 Minutes
550 USD  for 120 minutes

The basis of tantric massage is to maximise erotic pleasure through specific sensual touches. Meanwhile, you should remain absolutely passive, allowing masseuse to fulfil her task while you are relaxing.

However we completely understand the burning desire to reach out and respond to her sensual touches, which we agree, are irresistible indeed. For this reason we introduced a new service to give you more flexibility and playful experience.

You are allowed to touch and according to your personal desire, give massage in return, to your masseuse. (Please be advised, you may touch her all over the body excluding intimate parts. We understand they are irresistible but please be respectful to your therapist and her personal boundaries)

Bath therapy Tantric classic Plus with Professional Massage

In order to make your experience even more rewarding, this type of service includes a foamy bath taken together with masseuse. The session will start with warm bath in the environment of dim light of scented candles, sounds of relaxing music and a gorgeous masseuse of course. While taking a bath she will be rubbing your body with sensual oil and soaps, starting your sensual massage in the foamy water. As your tension is relieved and your muscles and mind is free of pressure, she will lead you back to the room to continue sensual massage session.

Bath therapy includes 30 minutes of water session, followed by 1 hour tantric, body to body massage, reaching 1.5 hours total.

 Tantra for couple - enjoy  Tantra together
 450 USD   for 60 minutes
 650 USD   for 90 minutes

Great for reviving somewhat dull sexual life between committed partners as well as sophisticated erotic entertainment for new lovers.

If you are an open-minded couple and willing to add some sparkle to your intimate life and get better understanding of erogenous zones of your partner and yourself, Tantric massage for couples is something you would want to try. Explore the whole new level of erotic bliss with the art of Tantra, the fundament of which is generating a deep, passionate link between a man and a woman. Dive into the depth of erotic pleasure together with your partner, enjoy watching your partner’s arousal while savouring your own, pamper your bodies and re-kindle your passion!

Adopting your personal preferences Couples massage may be performed with or without Lingam and Yoni massage (the massage of male and female sex organs, respectively).

For any special requests and preferences or simply enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact US, so we can adjust the service to your preferences for your maximum satisfaction. If you may have any further enquires or willing to combine couple of our services to experience at the same appointment, please do not hesitate to e mail us we are happy to answer all your questions and adjust the services adopting your personal preferences.

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