Terms and Conditions of Services


Below we are introducing terms and conditions , which apply to all our customers. Please be advised, we keep the right to refuse making an appointment if our receptionists has any doubts client is under an alcohol influence or masseuse upon arrival feels uncomfortable by inappropriate behaviour of a customer.


1. Minimum age restriction:

Minimum age for making a booking with us is 21 years.


2. Payments procedures and requirements :


As far as we require for advance payments, please make sure you have total service cost sum in cash upon the arrival of the masseuse.


3. Appointments procedures and requirements:


If you are staying in a hotel, while making an appointment we will ask for your hotel name, address , your room number, your full name, and a phone number of a hotel reception.When booking from private residence, we require your full address , your name and telephone number.Respecting your urge to confidentiality, we never share your personal details and all the content provided is for our security purposes only and never stays in our records. Please refer to company’s Privacy policy for more detailed explanation.


4. Services procedures and requirements:


Before masseuse arrives, we kindly suggest to take a shower to keep your personal hygiene in a good condition.We keep zero tolerance policy for drugs, excessive alcohol or any kind of CNS inhibitors. In case you are under a strong influence of above mentioned products, masseuse may ask to cancel the booking.If you decide to prolong your massage service, please inform us  or your massage therapist in advance.Please make sure that you and your massage therapist are in constant privacy throughout the session and there are no other attendants present.Please be advised, we are not an escort agency and do not provide any sexual services or any kind, other than listed on the blog .Our workforce is very valuable for us, for this reason we hold zero tolerance policy for verbal or physical abuse of any kind. If such an incident will ever take place, booking will be immediately terminated with no refund .


5. Bookings cancellations


We hold the right to charge you with 50USD if you decide to cancel the booking after the masseuse arrives, during first 10 minutes. This is a charge to refund her travel cost.

In case of cancellation after 10 minutes and onwards, we will ask you to pay full service fee.
Violations of the aforementioned Rules, Terms and Conditions of Services will result in immediate and permanent ban from our services.

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