What should you expect from your erotic massage session?




Since we gather and verify your personal details for our purposes deeply respecting your confidentiality (as described here), you will receive a call from our team, confirming your appointment. And there is nothing else left, other than wait patiently until your divine masseuse arrives.


What happens next ?     Let the magic begin…Shortly, you will witness your ordinary bedroom turning into a blissful temple of Tantric fairy tale .You will dive into the world of scents, dim light of candles and a sweet sounds of relaxing music-all virtually transformed by your charming, smiling masseuse, kindly leading you to your bed, where the session will take place.After you make yourself comfortable on a bed, she will leave you to relax for a couple of minutes, to take a shower to refresh herself before the massage, and to warm up the oils she will be spreading all over your bodyIn the dim light, with the sparkling drops of water all over her still wet body, stunning masseuse will approach you with her soft, skilful touches of Tantric technique that makes every bit of your body tremble with excitement and takes you on the whole new level of erotic arouse. Spreading warm, scented oil all over your body and sliding her magnificently shaped figure all over yours. Pushing her breast gently to yours, you will reach a peak of excitement, opening new dimensions of pleasure and relaxation.


First half of the session is purely therapeutic, masseuse will start massaging your shoulders and neck to release a tension and make your muscles completely relaxed. After she feels you are repose and calm, she will be moving down massaging all your body from head to toes, meanwhile giving you soft touches and keep your body and mind arouse.


Tantra uses variety of techniques of soft sensual touches that makes your body dive into the world of complete relaxation and makes your mind switch into a mode of erotic ecstasy.After she feels you reached a maximum of your sexual arouse and you are ready to take your adventure to the next level, her soft touches will start slow process of release, happy ending.Skilfully starting massaging your Lingam (male sex organ) with gradual, exciting movements, at the same time pushing her oily breasts over yours and sliding her body with slow movements, directing all accumulated sexual energy straight to the point, she will take you to the next level of the therapy-Happy ending.At this point your mind is taken away into the Utopia of constant pleasure and erotic nirvana; her unspoken performance will leave you feeling euphoric and unwind, far away from reality…


To experience a full spectrum of sensual excitement and open for yourself doors to the whole range of completely new sexual pleasure, you are advised to remain calm and relaxed during the whole session, concentrating on your feelings and listening to your mind. Gathering all sensual impulses that masseuse provokes in your body during the Tantric massage and truly enjoying the sense of unthinkable pleasure.


Things that you should not expect from the tantric massage session


Even though Tantric massage is very erotic and will lead you to sexual arouse, you should not expect sexual intercourse, oral or penetrated sex from your therapist, even for an extra cost.

Please respect the professionalism of our masseuses and avoid requests of this kind. Our agency specialises in pure massage service and our therapists do not provide escort services. Before making an appointment, please take a look at our Terms of service section.

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